Update from San Diego Shoulder Meeting 2011

It’s hard to use the term, San Diego Shoulder Meeting or San Diego Shoulder Institute. Everyone (including me) refers to it as the Esch Meeting. Jim’s hand is everywhere insuring that the quality he has demonstrated over the last 28 years continues.

The meeting was outstanding once again. Wednesday started with Lab sessions with shoulder models. The lectures started at 1 with a focus on Shoulder Arthroplasty and then Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty. If an 8-5 day wasn’t enough you could go 7-9 with a Fracture Fixation or Total Shoulder Workshop.  Thursday morning was instability and the afternoon focused on rotator cuff issues. 12-1:30 was blocked out for a Shoulder Arthroscopy workshop.  Friday morning started with a Shoulder Ultrasound workshop. Led by Don Buford, MD and Ben DuBois, MD, this one had plenty of Sonosite machines and models for a real “hands-on” experience. You also had the option of a morning cadaver lab at UCSD. Friday afternoon focused on Shoulder Rehabilitation lectures and then was time for either a Shoulder Arthroplasty workshop or an interesting session on Improving Your Practice with a lot of Q&A.  Saturday morning started with Fractures, Complications and Advanced Practice Issues and moved to Massive Rotator Cuff Tears in the late morning. At 2 the bus left for UCSD and another cadaver laboratory. What a meeting!

I’ll go into more detail but even the summary above is impressive.

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