Scribd feedback

Shouldn’t be any problem now. They sent me an automated reply with a link to the website. Probably just missed something. Let’s give it a go.

First I have to click the Share & Embed button on the navigation toolbar.

Nothing here. Maybe I have to publish post first and then embed.

Will try. Too bad. There is a share button but no embed option. The screen shot on the help page does not exist in my blog..

There is no format button

Will try support again.

I did get a nice comment from Dott. Digiacomo yesterday about coracoid position and capsule. To read it look under the post and you will see comment 1. Click there and see what he had to say.

Interesting. There is something down at the bottom of the page that asks you if you want to load documents in bulk. I downloaded it, the screen shots look familiar, easy to use and Voila! a tag appears. Victory!!

How about another.

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