Posting documents on a blog

The standard limitations of a blog are that you can only post the link to a document. That’s not what I want. I want to put the actual document or tag on the blog page and have people see it.But just as you would expect, there is a workaround program call Scribd. Scribd is a free service (or at least so far its free) that is supposed to let you load the actual word or .pdf file. I just signed up on the web site and now lets give it a try!

ok, That didn’t work. As usual the tutorial pages are similar but not exactly what you see when yo go through the actual app. Probably a lag between the tutorial and new updates to the website from frustrating as always. Let’s try again.

First part is ok, but there is no share button or row of buttons as depicted in the tutorial. The only option is save. There is no share.

Lets try HTML format

That didn’t work either.

Lets try pasting link from Scribd in Visual

That didn’t work either. I’ll try scribd support later.

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