Frankle Meeting 2011

We are now in the process of uploading all the presentations from the 2011 Current Solutions in Shoulder and Elbow. The meeting was held in Tampa, January 21-23. Most people call this the Frankle meeting since Mark Frankle started it. The meeting is outstanding and I am sorry this is the first one I attended. Good hotel, easy access to meeting areas. Excellent speakers and topics. Shoulder and elbow arthroscopy and arthroplasty, shoulder and elbow fractures and replacements were covered by world experts. There are about 80 presentations and panels over the 3 days and will bring every one of them to you online within the next few weeks. Our content is growing rapidly now and by July we will have 7 meetings covered and over 400 presentations. I want to develop a website where you can “be” at a meeting but still stay at home. I want to be able to see what I want, in the order I want, when I want. I want to decide whether or not I want to pay for CME. I want to stop some presentations or hear some again. I think we’ve done it. Stay tuned.

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